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If you’d like to be featured on The Photographic Artists Review you will find our guidelines below.  We are also happy to discuss collaborative projects, just drop us a line with some details and we’ll get back to you.


Artists Review

If you have a connection with the North East of England then you can register your interest in being interviewed as one of our featured artists by submitting the following information

  • Name
  • Connection to the North East
  • Website (or a link to where we can see your work)
  • A little bit of information about yourself and your practice.


Project Review

Unlike artists review interviews these features concentrate on a specific project which may be by a single artist or a collective.  Once again there will need to be a connection to the North East of England either via the artists or the project itself.  If you have a project you’d like to be considered then please contact us with the following details

  • Project Title
  • Artists involved
  • Website (or a link to where we can see some of the work)
  • A little bit of information about the project, it’s aims, mediums being used etc


Exhibition Review

Exhibitions are where we get to see artists work ‘in the flesh’ so to speak, but they’re more than that.  They’re an experience and an event.  If you have an exhibition coming up as either a curator or artists then get in touch because we want to know about it.

  • Exhibition Title and Venue
  • Dates it will be open to the public and any PV information
  • Artists involved
  • Website (or a link to where we can see some of the work)
  • A little bit of information about the exhibition


While we are mainly about photography and photographic art we’re not just interested in artists.  If you’re a curator, writer or another form of creative whose work encompassed photography and you’d like to get involved then get in touch.


Submissions should be sent to



The Small Print

Unfortunately there is also some small print, so please read it before submitting.

By submitting your work to The Photographic Artists Review you agree to provide up to 10 images in jpg format no larger than 1 Mb each for use by The Photographic Artists Review in relation to your review.  Works submitted must be your own or you must be the copyright holder.  You agree to The Photographic Artists Review using submitted work on it’s website and related social media platforms for the intended purpose of The Photographic Artists Review.  The copyright of all works submitted will remain with the artist / photographer.