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Postcards from Sunderland (c) Antonia Barraclough

Antonia Barraclough – Postcards from Sunderland

Antonia Barraclough talks to us about ‘Postcards from Sunderland’ which looks at how this northern city is rapidly changing and how memories of it’s past are still alive in it’s older residents. Tell us about ‘Postcards from Sunderland’. When I started university in Sunderland in 2013, developments all over the city began taking shape. I […]

The 'Something About Mary' Dress installed in St Martins Church (c) Angela Chalmers

Angela Chalmers – Something About Mary

Anglea Chalmers talks to us about her cyanotype interconnected works ‘Something About Mary’, ‘Floral Poetry’ and ‘The Flower Collector’ that respond to the history of Miss Mary Craven and the Victorian popular pastime of collecting and preserving botanticals with a modern-day twist. Tell us a bit about your project.  Can you tell us what attracted […]

Image from the Look and Inspire Project Headed by Jo Howell (c) Look and Inspire Project

Jo Howell – The Look and Inspire Project

We talk to Jo Howell about leading the Look and Inspire Project which aims to involve the community with their environment as well as photography. Tell us a bit about your project… I started to develop the Look & Inspire Pinhole photography project in 2014 alongside The Art Studio Sunderland, an Arts and Mental Health […]

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